About us

Mission, vision, history

"ORGAHIM RESINS" AD, Ruse, announces its investment intention for the reconstruction, remodeling and modernization of the Smoli Workshop 2 building with identifier 63427.732.12, ZPZ.


Through our products we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and partners for the quality, durability, effectiveness and beauty of the color, flexibility of our offers and their profitability.

Our business plans, innovations and technologies used in production are designated to assure a constant increase of competitiveness in the market and add value to the company towards the benefits of our share holders and our community, permanently caring about people’s health and protecting the environment.


We want Policolor – Orgachim for our partners, clients, competitors and investors to be one of the most appreciated and a respected company that produces paints and lacquers in South-East Europe. Our vision establishes the outlines and frames to integrate the activities of the company to be able to realize a sustainable increase.


“Orgachim Resins” is part of Policolor-Orgachim Group. The main shareholder is “Whitebeam Holdings Limited” having its registered offices in Malta, owned by the company “Policolor”, Romania.

Orgachim is registered Bulgarian company founded in 1901 as a trading company, under the name “Albert B. Iskovich”.
In September 2013 Orgachim was divided in three registered independent companies. “Orgachim Resins” as manufacturer of synthetic resins and polyvinyl acetate dispersions “Ruse Chemicals” as manufacturer of Phthalic and Maleic anhydrides (under BASF license). “Orgachim” as manufacturer of paints & varnishes.

Orgachim had developed its activity on two production sites situated on two industrial areas in the town of Ruse, Bulgaria: 

  • Western Industrial Area: “Production Site 1” for paints & synthetic resins production.
  • East Industrial Area: “Production Site 2”

Annual Production Capacity: 20 000 tpy

Registered trade marks of Orgachim Resins:

  • “Balkyd” – for alkyd resins
  • “Orgapol” – for saturated polyester resins
  • “Orgacryl” – for acrylate resins
  • “Vinalkyd” – for unsaturated polyester resins

Companies` patents

  • "Saturated polyester resins, method of obtaining them and use thereof"
  • "Stable saturated polyester resin, method for the production and application thereof"
  • "Acrylate copolymer, method of obtaining and usage thereof"
  • "Alkyd resins with waste polyethyleneterephthalate"
  • "Acrylate resin, process for its production and application thereof"
  • "Melamineformaldehyde resin"